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'the little movie about BIG SHIT!'

Whose Shit Is This? (a mini-feature film (48 min.) was produced in 2006 by an indie production company label me. productions. The film is now known as an underground comedy 'shit' film that is frequently played at college parties as a drinking game. Some term it as 'underground sewage' as a metaphor to the entire subject in the film--shit. Filled with tons of shit jokes and analogies, the film will surely leave you laughing hysterically with its many countless characters! You most likely will have to watch it more than once to figure this shit out.

The film parallels actual shit (in toilet) with shit, such as drama, economic decline, etc. and incorporates experimental techniques with the plot line via an interactive journey with montage sequences that take the viewers for a 'shit' ride.

The morning after Jamie's initiation party as sorority president, the largest shit ever is found in the toilet, and now it's up to her and her side kick masculine-chick friend, Brenna, to find out whose shit it is before it's too late! OF COURSE it's too late when the shit grows, causing the entire college campus and surrounding towns to evacuate to an off-the-map rural town exclusively called Shitsville!

to find out more information, google "Whose Shit Is This?"
the film is also on
"Whose Shit Is This?" is an underground 'shit' film that is so underground, it's in the sewage!
by whose shit is this October 18, 2009
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a really weird undie (underground film + independent film).

this film is one shitty drinking game!
That film "Whose Shit Is This?" is an undie film because it's hard to get.
by substance abuse January 27, 2010
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"Whose Shit Is This?" is th shittiest movie ever!
by nooneinparticular0101225 August 08, 2010
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