Pormanteau: Whore + Horse.

The linebacker-esque girl who strangely resembles Kentucky Derby Speed Champ Secretariat that appears at every party ever thrown. Though she can't run the 1 and a 1/4 miles in under 2 minutes, she can hook up with your friends rather rapidly. In fact, every male she's mated with is in some way connected to your social inner circle. What's worse, the whorse has acquired so many mates she no longer recognizes her own physical limitations and begins to think her box is the hottest ticket in town.
Mike: "Dude, Eric is totally gonna bang that whorse."

Jordan: "F'sho. I didn't think he was the kind of guy to go for a Mr. Ed look-a-like, but being a virgin for 20 years and getting drunk for the first time can drive a man to do strange things."

Mike: "Hey, Eric. I remember my first beer."
by Freebase90 November 22, 2009
Top Definition
1. Wicked Horny Old Racist Sexist Equestrian

2. An extremely racist and sexist animal that says what he wants when he wants. His racist/sexist comments are usually followed by a shocking scream,"WHORSE!!!"
Whorse: "What's the world's most hilarious joke? The Holocaust."

Innocent Bystander: "WHORSE!!!"
by FRow Bonanza November 04, 2009
A slutty girl who reminds you of a horse.
What do you think of that girl Kara?

I dunno, she kinda seems like a whorse.
by kerri636 August 06, 2008
a horse who gets around.
Montana was a whorse. She got knocked up by Bruno and then had an abortion.
by Lee Lee November 06, 2005
Alternative name for the town bicycle. Everybody gets a ride.
Jenna's such a whorse; last night she slept with fifteen guys and two girls.
by Lexodus February 02, 2011
A wanna be whore who looks very similar to a horse.
Yo dat seabiscuit bitch be a whorse
by Whorsehater69 March 08, 2011
An ugly slut like girl with horse like features
Damn! That girl makes a mighty fine whorse!
by BumBleBee9876 June 09, 2011

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