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Combination of the words "whore" and "orphan". Refers to slutty broke girls, who aspire to be kept trophy wives.

The term is a common word used on the Alix and Jane Show.
That whorphan will do anything for a dollar.
by B2f January 10, 2007
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(1) A whore as of which came from orphan descent.

(2) A devil like orphan girl.

(3) A funny way of saying that someone is being dumb (i.e. "Your being such a whorphan!")

(4) Calling someone a whore with a fun twist to the word.

Pronunciation: Whore-fin
(1) "Your being such a whorphan!"
(2) "Stop it you whorphan!"
(3) Oh, geez', look at her, what a whorphan"
by Jep Jep June 04, 2009
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