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overuse of something, possibly for personal gain. also doing so by disregarding basic morals.
me: "you were really whoring it up in the 'Vette."
J: "yeah i know, i drove it two blocks to pick up a soda"
#whored it up #whore #overuse #whoor #abuse
by steve-00 January 10, 2006
Playing the new game, BattleFemale Whore, (Battlefield 4) for long periods of time, measuring in the hours or more.
Ex 1: "Hey, Chris, are we whoring it up tonight?"
Ex 2: "So Dylan and I were whoring it up last night and we killed a whole bunch of people."
#battlefield #whore #whoring #battle #female #whores
by AbsoZed January 21, 2014
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