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A frenzied sex act or romp.
This is why I don't drink tequila. I woke up this morning, and my entire apartment looked like it was hit by an F5 whoricane. There was a trail of clothing starting with my left shoe in the driveway, and ending with my shredded panties on at the foot of the bed.
by Ephemily February 27, 2012
1 0
A promiscuous female, whom hooks up with roommates within a one week period. Usually found in college, this individual leaves a path of whorish destruction- usually culminating in ripping off the signs on the victims door.
"I heard you guys got hit pretty hard by Whoricane Sarah last week."
by NUBM October 20, 2008
11 1
"whoricane" (n) a woman that comes in, blows stuff around, destroys relationships & leaves.
Whoricane Annie really did some damage last weekend.
by madmom72 March 06, 2013
2 0
A group of sluts and/or wannabe sluts and whores.
*sees the Lohans and the Kardashians approaching*
Oh shit. Here comes a whoricane.
by Dick like dinosaur August 23, 2011
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