A frenzied sex act or romp.
This is why I don't drink tequila. I woke up this morning, and my entire apartment looked like it was hit by an F5 whoricane. There was a trail of clothing starting with my left shoe in the driveway, and ending with my shredded panties on at the foot of the bed.
by Ephemily February 27, 2012
Top Definition
A promiscuous female, whom hooks up with roommates within a one week period. Usually found in college, this individual leaves a path of whorish destruction- usually culminating in ripping off the signs on the victims door.
"I heard you guys got hit pretty hard by Whoricane Sarah last week."
by NUBM October 20, 2008
"whoricane" (n) a woman that comes in, blows stuff around, destroys relationships & leaves.
Whoricane Annie really did some damage last weekend.
by madmom72 March 06, 2013
A group of sluts and/or wannabe sluts and whores.
*sees the Lohans and the Kardashians approaching*
Oh shit. Here comes a whoricane.
by Dick like dinosaur August 23, 2011
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