what one calls a girl with the birth name Lauren, who teases men and uses them for sex; while waving a dustmop and a vaccuum
by Sally August 12, 2003
Top Definition
Magic cows on the ever-popular MMO World of Warcrack that like to suck dicks for gold and XP. For those of you that don't play WoW, it's a game in which furries create an animal-like version of themselves (minus 295 pounds and acne, of course) and they yiff each other.
KrakenFriday: Quit trying to suck my dick, you whoren fag!
mpalmer: *gulpygulpy*
#tauren #whoren #world of warcraft #wow #world of warcrack #furries #geroge fisher #druid #cow #magic #wizard #fat people #gulpy gulpy
by Xtreme2252 December 11, 2010
a girl named lauren who doubles as the local otlet fish market for the akron public schools system. particularly fancies those which smelleth of ass and monkey. emo barbie.
hey whoren, that dude you like smells like such a spidermonkey.
#whore #fish #lauren #skank #candy steeler
by yknits and talps January 30, 2008
Nickname (although it should be the true name) for the character that killed Alias.
Whoren needs to stay dead.
by Tiger*Lily August 16, 2004
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