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English. noun.

A philosophy or approah to life wherein the individual, usually a young woman, advocates a sexually promiscuous lifestyle.
That woman wears such tight clothes and sleeps around. She certainly seems to advocate whoreism.
by jsilo September 05, 2007
somehing slut related.
Whoreism conumes the world now.
by Kunx990 July 03, 2004
When women in popular culture (facebook, twitter, etc) promote a sexually promiscuous lifestyle, often through open statements expressing their sexuality.
That's what she said? Actually, that's what I said. #caseyswhoreisms
by WhatsCrackinBroseph April 25, 2012
"Whoreism" is the philosophy or approach to life which advocates promiscuity and/or manipulation of the opposite sex in order to advance one's agenda (such as material gain).

Some contemporary pop stars are said to be practioners of "Whoreism".

Ex. Many people say that feminism has unfortunately evolved into whoreism in the new millenium. Ms. Spears is often said to be a practioner of "Whoreism".

by joesilo August 31, 2007
It is what you would call the disease if and When a woman messes with another woman's husband if someone said there was a disease for something like that.
There is a disease for that I think. Yeah it's called "whoreism". Lol
by msbooty September 20, 2014

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