The unseen market of whores, sluts, bitches, ho's, prostitutes, wife-temps, scips, snaps, scallywags, booty, chumpettes, moneylove, transvestites, and any other examples of the ring of women (and sometimes men) that fuck in the exchange for money
My ex is the queen of the Whoredom.


I use most of my money on the Whoredom
by Condominium February 17, 2005
Top Definition
The combination of the words "whore" and "boredom." Meaning the act of slutting around due to a lack of entertaining activities.
"Yo, Donny, why'd you hook up with that nasty ass slam-piece last night?!"

"Dude, get off my back! It was out of pure WHOREDOM!!!
by JACKY-R&DIESEL February 15, 2010
the act of or desire to be a whore.
Joe: My life is a constant whoredom.
Fiona: A what?
Joe: I'm a whore, and i want to continue being a whore. That's all.
by ahemp February 12, 2008
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