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Door Bells with real bitches singing the notes.
Dood #1 "Ring Demfcane's doorbell so he can come on!"
Dood #2 "Ok"
Whorebells "Ding.... Dong.... Ding.... Dong"
Doods #1 and #2 "WTF when did Demfcane get Whorebells installed"
by Dcane September 15, 2011
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Similar to the well known Booty Call, this is the last-chance, most desperate of phone calls when one is seeking sexual intercourse from a guaranteed partner, most often one of loose morals.
"Every other chick was busy so I had to slum it and ring the whorebell. One bottle of Pink Champ-Ale and an hour later, Kristin was doin' the do!"
by Royal Cunninglinguist Society February 04, 2009
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