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A term used to combined the uses of the words whore and douche bag.
Sophia is a lying whorebag!
by J1986 September 03, 2006
40 26
A whore bag is a over sexed female who has atleast 2 kids by the age of 19, and now is so blown out that she cannot feel the pleasure of sex because her beef drapes will swallow anything it will encounter.
Eric and Marks ex-girlfriend is a whore bag.
by Turbo Marq December 03, 2004
456 136
a girl who has been fucked so many times that when you have sex with her, it feels like you're having sex with a plastic bag.
i didn't even know i was hard because she was such a whore bag
by VCD August 03, 2006
380 129
One who is so sexually active that it is unknown how many types of whore related STD's are carried

When the female of the species copulates so much that the outer lips of the pleasure palace are defiled and become very puffy, hence whorebag
Dont touch that whorebag, who knows what you'll get

Look at that whorebag, it looks like you could use it as a baseball glove
by Anti_christ April 03, 2003
208 106
1. A girl that fucks you
then your best friend
then your cousin
then your best friend's cousin
and your bro
then the guy next door
then his neighbor
then a random dude form the bar
then the next day her Facebook status says "I love my hubby"

2. A female that could potentially fuck a entire family tree and possibly the entire town they reside in, while supposedly being in a committed relationship.
Me: I totally got brained off by Roxy last night!
Friend: What!?!?! Are you sure because I fucking layed pipe like the mario brothers on that.
Me: Hey, I just hope it was before you got your turn. You know she is a total whore bag.
by At0msk May 26, 2010
133 39
A general derogatory term for a female, akin to "slut" or "whore".
That whore bag nailed my brother after leaving my place last night!
by _GoD_ September 20, 2004
122 54
A bag full of whores
Did you see that bag man? Yeah it was filled with whores!
by chilling w/o a dill June 01, 2005
151 97
Easy to get, hard to get rid of.
The first whorebag I made love to was your mother.
by mikesayskissmyass June 20, 2006
76 40