While trying to have sex with a girl anal but your penis is either too large, or the anus is too dry; you wait for her to fart then you shove your penis inside her as it opens up.
Dude, I tried banging her in the ass, but I couldn't so I executed a "Whoopie Cushion."
by c-bizzle a-bizzle November 28, 2009
A woman that has a very loose vaginal passage that constantly queefs.
Bro, that whoopie cushion had no tread on the tires, it sounded like an orchestra of trombones!!!
by spider_mace October 31, 2014
When someone who suffers from a pink sock farts
My farts are extra loud right now, thanks to my whoopie cushion ;)
by vintagesignman November 18, 2014

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