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(verb) (\ˈgōl(d)-ˌbərg-d\)
Also known as: Goldberg'd, Goldberged, Goldberging

Derived from the viral video in which Bill O'Rielly's conservative opinion drives Whoopi Goldberg into a nonsensical frenzy and she walks off "The View".

To become so flustered, confused, speechless, and enraged over a specific topic of discussion or event, that one literally storms out of the room in an indignant and wrathful cloud of smoke and fire. See rage quit.
1. When his public policy class began discussing gay marriage and its benefits in society, he Whoopi Goldberg'd his way right out the door.

2. "I can't this shit anymore... I'm Goldberging it."
by OHBobSaget November 01, 2010

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