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Shitfaced Weasel/complete idiot.
He won't apologise because he's a whole with too much pride.
by _gio_the_giant March 12, 2006
Adjective used in front of a noun to emphasize
You're a whole idiot.
by IceColdTearDrops February 23, 2010
A girl with a very loose pussy
Heather's is a whole, its like dropping a stick in a well
by Nick Ca. June 20, 2006
my mind. not yours
by curved shit September 12, 2003
Men who are not loyal in relationships and disrespectful; men who are promiscuous in their relationships and sleep with many other women. Men who are whores and assholes (whole). A male partner who unknowingly calls and seeks affection and intimacy from other women
girl 1: didn't you date him?
girl 2: yeah, but he ended up cheating on me...
girl 1: what a whole!
by slori April 22, 2011
Whore-hole; the bleak, yawning chasm where a heart shouldve been.Typically filled by a father's love in normal fully functional women.
So he came home and found her with some guy from work? Damn, thats one heartless bitch!
-What did you expect? She's always trying to fill that whole in her chest by filling the hole between her legs
by Ktlplxm December 17, 2013
A kilo of cocaine (35.3 ounces).
"17 5 for a whole - get it in man" - Stuntman ft. Shawty Lo - 17 5
by robbiewoody July 01, 2011
When Doctor Who writers fuck up, And leave a gaping big whole in the story
Charlie: Steven Moffat just gives Zero Fucks about continuity

Phoebe: He just digs so many Who-les
by Tormund Thunderfist June 01, 2013