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By far the BIGGEST script kiddie on the internet. He often uses high ammounts of DOS to get his point through to lame assholes.
GOD DAMNIT STEVE. You who-ha'd my connection :(
by Packet-Ninja July 25, 2006
3 35
1. A womans private part
2. Pussy
3. cunt
4. Vagina
5. Punani
6. Happy place
My who-ha is sore from that jungle sex we had last night!
by Mike Greco July 26, 2004
137 60
Slang for pussy. Often said by Norweigians.
Julia's whoha was bruised after Nash attacked it with a remote control.
by Nash November 29, 2004
88 46
vagina. nickname for pussy, cunt, female sex organ.
love it when you touch my who ha.
by k. b. October 26, 2007
51 10
1. Another word for Female anatomy, better known as the Vagina.

2. A small asain man

Who Ha is used is most cases to typically degrade a man.
Christopher, you have a large, smelly, crab infested Who Ha.

Go take your Who Ha and go home

Your Who Ha smells like Tuna Fish
by Tony McDonald November 01, 2007
13 13
a firefighter or emt that loves lights and sirens.
turn off the siren you god damn whoha.
by whoha4580 April 12, 2009
15 16
Acronym for "Wreak Havoc On Higher Authority".
After improving the presidential website, the hacker exclaimed, "WHOHA!".
by DWScott September 08, 2006
24 30
a dirty old snatch
jennifer is a who-ha
by mathewson July 17, 2008
20 31