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An insult*, usually used as a comeback when someone insults your credibility, swag, and sexual orientation. This means many things:

1. By asking him, "Who's yo mans?" you are implying that he is gay and has a pimp.

2. You are calling him a bitch.

3. You are saying that he can't do shit without asking his pimp, and that he's the bottom bitch in his homosexual relationship
Using the word "nigga'' at the end will undoubtedly increase the ghetto-ness of the phrase but also imply you are not fucking around. A simple example of this is provided below.

*Can also be used jokingly around good friends.
Tyrone: Ay Dwayne, I heard your Yeezys ain't real.

Dwayne: The fuck did you say? Who's Yo Mans? Huh? Who's Yo Mans, nigga?
by Specks September 19, 2012

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