a boy that is so perfect that the only physical imperfection he has is that girls hang off his ankles so he cant walk properly. loves himself and knows he is perfect.
Blad u is a whitey
by Chris Summersell March 31, 2004
a semi-racist term to describe a caucassion. it can be a word to show affection.. such as the word nigga. "yo wut up whitey" or "wut up my nigga"....it can be racist or a show of affection... dependin or how its used.
by E.N.V.Y. August 20, 2003
Slang for a lightweight to the drug cannibas. Caused by low blood pressure and loss of pigment too skin. Commonly used by cracker faggots from england.
English Cracker: Steves such a fukin whitey

English Cracker 2: wtf get bak to sukin dik were in england remember!

Steve: Fuk this is shit country im movin to B.C.
by 420hotbox May 11, 2011
A very generous man that lives in the town of Dukesberry. Often hated upon by David Stone and the rest of the town.
Whitey: Your honor if it pleases the court I'd like to make a statement.

Stone: Shut your motherfucking mouth you freakin hairy ass pussy suckin' scumbag (song starts).

by Justingraziano August 26, 2008
Being drunk and stoned at the same time.
shit, i pulled a whitey last night
by Jimmy January 19, 2004
Verb - The action of cutting oneself vigorously while screaming like a banshee on steroids.

Person - Crazy cracker who pisses on cars and see's things. Known to have severe ADD and is prone to pulling artificial Whitey's for the sake of stuff. Also is the amazing entrepeneur who has made the anal cough lozenge.
That Bitch made me so mad i had to pull a Whitey
by The WHITEY October 29, 2006
A cat who is not all white,likes to eat cobe webs, loves attention and also loves to eat her cat treats
That cat is such a Whitey!
by BritBunny November 08, 2007

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