Vomiting all over the place after excessive alcohol consumption.
'Here, Mark just whitey'd everywhere!'
by Patricia April 28, 2004
A caucasion. Used in a racist way.
Hey whitey! Get the fuck back here with my Lambo!
by Philip April 26, 2004
Any person in a position of wealth and power regardless of skin color, who acts only in self-interest or in the interest of his close friends and business associates to further their own power and assert control over more and more people.
Colin Powell may call himself a "compassionate conservative" but he's really just whitey in a neat, black package that is not distasteful to middle amerikkka.
by Mark August 04, 2003
The name of my albino gerbil.
aawwwww. look at the sleeping gerbil!
by guest drone #89 December 10, 2004
someone who becomes invisible standing against a white wall, because of their freaky white skin. e.g.- Sean Norris. They bleed Tippex.
"Sean is a whitey"
by Goode December 11, 2003
refers to a skinny back stabbing friend with no balls
John - Hey did you hear what jeremy did to me the other day?
Brett - No, what did he do?
John - He stole my girlfriend and kicked me out
Brett - Hes such a Whitey
#jeremy #whitey #jerk #loser #back stabber
by DivineDragon August 04, 2009
n.1.one who is in the act of bringing someones hopes or dreams down. 2. Someone or something that ruins something u are doing. 3. someone who makes your life harder
ex. Boy:"Mom can i go to johnathons for an hour?"
mom: "No son."
Boy: "Why not?
mom: "because i want you to.... watch your brother for me while i go get drunk."
Boy: " god mom ur being whitey! always bringing me down."
#synonyms: the man #parents #mormons #assholes #the police.
by White Mcnasty November 17, 2005
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