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Geeza No. 1: Right here's a joke - a geeza goes into a bar and downs 20 pints and eats 30 packets of peanuts - he feels fine until he comes to go home when on the way he pebble dashes 2 houses
Geeza No. 2: man you're such a whiteley!
by artful dodger December 19, 2003
Top Definition
To either purposely spill one's beer or to accidentally spill someone's beer.
Also to take an hour long shower were the person most likely will be jacking off.
Jesus, are you whiteleying your beer!
by The Red Hat Kid August 30, 2006
Noun - A work colleague who is unknown; has no friends; is a loner.

Verb - To be used when someone is very annoying / has very bad dress sense.
God, my boss is being such a 'Whiteley' today
by Pk123uk April 14, 2011
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