How a panda feels after drinking heavily with Bad Ass mythical travelling penguins and daring to question his fathers virginity.
'Man I must have been whitehoused last night, I had a Glasgow Underground Station map in my ass!!!......does anyone remember a really angry penguin?'
by UncleTravellingMack March 23, 2010
Top Definition
The act of being really drunk while being in the mind set that you are "someone of importance."
Man, you were fucking "whitehoused" last night.
by Erroracing February 16, 2010
The act of causing one's employer to dump their live-in significant other in order to fornicate with them. Then quitting without notice and never calling again.
Me:"Yo dude why is the manager Jane so pissed off."
Scott: "I tapped that ass last night, and just quit. I whitehoused that bitch!!!"
Me:"Fuck yeah!"
by Popperclops May 21, 2011
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