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How a panda feels after drinking heavily with Bad Ass mythical travelling penguins and daring to question his fathers virginity.
'Man I must have been whitehoused last night, I had a Glasgow Underground Station map in my ass!!!......does anyone remember a really angry penguin?'
by UncleTravellingMack March 23, 2010
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The act of being really drunk while being in the mind set that you are "someone of importance."
Man, you were fucking "whitehoused" last night.
by Erroracing February 16, 2010
5 2
The act of causing one's employer to dump their live-in significant other in order to fornicate with them. Then quitting without notice and never calling again.
Me:"Yo dude why is the manager Jane so pissed off."
Scott: "I tapped that ass last night, and just quit. I whitehoused that bitch!!!"
Me:"Fuck yeah!"
by Popperclops May 21, 2011
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