Whitechapel is a Six-piece deathcore band hailing from Tennessee.

They based their name off of a famous London serial killer's body dumping site.
See Jack the Ripper

Their first album "The Somatic Defilement" contains lyrical content dealing solely with Death, Murder, Crime, and Rape.
Where as their second album "This is Exile" deals with varried subjects.

People commonly believe Whitechapel to be deathmetal, but due to its heavy use of Breakdowns and lower use of blastbeats it is classified as deathcore instead.
Man 1: You like whitechapel?

Man 2: Ewww aren't all their songs about Necrophila?

Man 1: Why no, their second album is much more sophisticated!
by Mr_Macabre March 19, 2009
Top Definition
A brutal Tennessee heavy death metal band.

Pretty much the best mofuckin' headsplittin metal ever

Known for its insane gangsta ass beatdowns.

Whitechapel sings about killing sluts.

Fuck yes!! Whitechapel \../
lets go bump to some whitechapel

by tdizzlefoshizzle December 08, 2007
Deathcore band from TN, USA. They make songs about killing sluts and destroying mankind. Possibly one of the sickest deathcore bands to date.
Lyrics from Whitechapel song "Possession"

"Eyes are glaring red with a conscious set to kill,

Nostrils flared and the eyebrows parallel,



A dispute of man and diabolical BEASTS!!!!!!!!!!"

Aren't those lyrics great?
by whitechapel fan July 22, 2012
To run into, knock over, or shove someone down to the floor (and sit on them). Name comes from the deathcore band Whitechapel. NEVER done to a girl.
Quit Whitechapeling me dude! It makes me hurt
Lets Whitechapel Someone to the Ground and sit on him.
by TonyRCBWhitechapelFanKid January 29, 2010
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