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The colorful term used by my brown-skinned neighbors to describe the pot I grew.
Yo son, you got some mo' o dat whiteboy weed we smoked yesterday? That shit sent me to the moon, kid! Whaddya dust dat shit wif crack or sumfin? Yo lemme get some mo' and I'll pay you on Friday, I swear I got a million dollar check coming to me
by The real Kyda December 14, 2010
A phrase used to describe extremly dank weed because white people are the only race anal enough to notice the difference.
Person 1: Yo dawg ya'll got any more of dat' white boy weed we we're smoking the other day?

Person 2: No bro, that bitch bob smoked all of that in his vape

Person 1: We gotta get more of that cracker bud
by cornfedwisconsinboy October 10, 2014
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