(POS: Noun-ber-tive) The transformation of a person or object to be white; changing something or someone to be more white.
Black Girl- O M G! Justin Bieber is like so totally cute!

Other Black Girl- Damn, you've officially been whiteified.
by Amalexis April 14, 2011
Top Definition
This word describes something that was originated from a different race, but then was ruined by the white chick....
The nae nae was cool before it was whiteified.

I remember when you would see black people in Starbucks, but not anymore; ever since it got whiteified
by hallhitzler September 13, 2015
To make something un-hip
The blues was white-ified by artists in the 60's.
by dantedantedante February 25, 2012
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