A cheer invented by the Cousino High School Marching Band in Warren, Michigan. The cheer is performed by one person (the caller) yelling out a series of commands and dances to the lines of people performing the cheer. The cheer always begins with the line "Let me see your White Tornado." Dances used in the white tornado include the funky chicken, shopping cart, sprinkler, and frankenstein.
Hey guys, it's the fourth quarter, let's do the white tornado!
by Mark Sharrow March 02, 2006
Top Definition
The act of a man ejaculating on his partners face, than washing said face in a flushing toilet.
After an venegeful hate fuck, Jim gave Betty the ole White Tornado.
by Jim6912 September 25, 2010
When a man is being sexually stimulated to orgasm on a spinning office chair and at the climax gets spun around vigorously thus, creating a white tornado. And/or a women sitting on a spinning office chair is encircled by a group of males and as they climax to orgasm, spewing their seminal fluids all over her as she spins round and round creating a funnel like effect of semen.
Did you hear? Dale got caught in a White Tornado last night.
Yeah, I heard he's allergic.
by Kauyla September 21, 2010
During a threesome, MMF, an accidental nut-shot unloads into one unsuspecting male participants eyes causing him to thrash about frantically looking for a wipe rag.
Carl got hit by a Swedish Terrorist on Saturday and he became a White Tornado and destroyed three shelves and his 50 inch LCD TV! What a blast!
by Richardbeck August 24, 2009
Solo dance move invented by two members of the Western Michigan University Lacrosse team.
To perform: cross hands, hold hands 4-6 inches above head, spin hands around head while spinning on dance floor.
I wanted to impress this babe so I broke out the white tornado.
by Johnny October 06, 2005
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