A series of comics that are full of satirical commentary on controversial worldly issues. These comics can be enjoyed by all, even the stupid.
Ninjas can kill anything
by MetalMoe May 19, 2004
Top Definition
A sexual ambush technique in which a man lays on his back in wait for an unsuspecting woman, all ready to ejaculate. When the woman comes into striking distance the man rises from the ground quickly and chucks his custard in one insertion. While the woman is stunned, the man takes his leave.
Woman: Honey, I'm home!
Man: Buyaaaa!!!!!!
Woman: What was that? I thought I felt something...
(1 month later)
Doctor: You're pregnant, it must have been the White Ninja.
by Ieatfatkidz June 01, 2007
The act of disappearing home from a night out without saying goodbye, usually at a nightclub.
I got back from the bar and my best mate was gone, He must have done a white ninja.
by The Jesticles January 20, 2010
Quite possibly one of the greatest web comics EVER! Cheaply drawn, but it adds to it. Funny beyond a doubt, excellent through and through.
If you don't like white ninja, then WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!?
by Galloping Ghost June 05, 2005
comics about a whiteninja.
<kippe> woooa! guys have you seen the latest whiteninja?
<inso> omg no! I must see it now!
<kippe> check it out! www.whiteninjacomics.com
<juicen> 'giggle giggle' I just love whiteninja
by kippe January 15, 2004
its only the funniest web comic in the whole history of the internet everyone should go read it immediatly and laugh for ever www.whiteninjacomics.com
white ninja and the spiders that got him at last
by tom beach February 18, 2004
The name of anyone who plays the game of Custard Chucking.
"Eww, you sick bastard"
"White Ninja, Bitch!"
by Immortal-Jake May 09, 2006
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