Jizzing in your pants.

Being fast in the sac.
5:31 -Sex starts

5:32 - Sex Ends

Girl:wow. white lightning again...
Guy: sorry...
by theunkillableboner August 29, 2010
It where you are having intercourse with your girl friend or whom ever, in the missionary position. And when you are about to CUM you pull out and cum on your hand then slap the person you are having sex with on the forehead. But you must say something outlandish once this is performed.
Ha damn bitch you have been struck by the mighty ZEUS HIMSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Versaceking April 20, 2009
When you're gettin head from a lady and you pull out at the last moment without fair warning and jizz right in her fukin face. All she sees is dat der White Lightning.
You should of seen the WHITE LIGHTNING treatment I gave Ann the other day, soon as I was ready to blast I pulled outta her mouth and sprayed her like a fire hydrant, she never saw it cumin LOL right in the fukin face! BOOM HEAD SHOT PROTEINS EVERYWHERE MAN
by Francesco Dellamorte August 09, 2010
The act of simultaneous urination and ejaculation.
The other day i white lightninged all up in her, and now that bitch is sterile!
by sam_813 December 15, 2007
When a person attempts to deepthroat a man while shitfaced and vomits all over the penis, but continues performing oral sex anyway.
Dude, I love white lightning...

by clive owens July 04, 2009
when you're fucking a girl you cum on her face then proceed to antique her (throw flour in her face) and scream at the top of your lungs " by the hand of Zues, I smite thee."
when the girl out of line you hit her with the ol white lightning
by i love boobies April 02, 2008
While a girl is performing oral sex on a man, the man secretly prepares to take a photo with a flash camera. At the moment of truth, the man ejaculates on the unsuspecting girl's face while simultaneously capturing the event with said camera. The sudden flash accompanying the massive ejaculatory load will instill the feat of being in a lightning storm.
I'm gonna rock some White Lightning on this bizatch.
by DirtyFlyBoyz November 09, 2006
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