Colloquial term for grain alcohol, made from corn in a moonshine still. This clear, illegal, and very potent beverage was a favorite in the Appalachian Mountains during US’s prohibition years.
I think I wanna taste that powerful stuff He took one g-g-glug and drank it right down And I heard him a moaning as he hit the ground Mighty, mighty leasin, pappy's corn squeezin' Whshhhoooh . . . white lightnin'
by Papain August 01, 2005
Top Definition
1. Very high proof Moonshine. Borders on being 200 proof; it's pure grain alcohol and is illegal. White Lightning is the subject of a hit George Jones song.

2. White Lightning is also a term for LSD.
1. "Well I asked my old pappy why he called his brew,
White lightning 'stead of mountain dew,
I took a little sip and right away I knew,
As my eyes bugged out and my face turned blue!
Lightnin' started flashin' and thunder started crashin'
Shhhoooh . . . white lightning!" -George Jones

2. Suzy was tripping on White Lighting.
by OneBadAsp October 20, 2006
Cheap, clear cider. Tastes like distilled urine. Probably is distilled urine. Carreis the stigma of being an under-18s-down-the-offy drink and of being taken (in huge amounts) by chavs.
And Johnny took a sip of White Lightning and spat it right back out again. "This is shit! And all those wannabe MCs drink that? Blimey, no wonder their rhymes were crap and their eyebrows fell off!" he said.
by KHD April 20, 2004
Another name for Moonshine.
Better not be a drivin' if you're a drinkin' White Lightning.
by C. Grimes March 18, 2006
Extremely cheap and potent cider drank by scunners outside establishments such as Spar. Has a definite pronunciation.
Scunner: "We were 'avin a total mad mission of it, drinking White Lightning outside Spar"
by ali April 28, 2004
Moon Shine, very high in proof, almost always over 150 and more around 200 proof, and if drank straight can some times burn chemically. White lightning if not made properly can cause blindness and in some causes death due to impurities in the making. It is legal to make white lightning, but is illegal to sell, the amount of white lightning a person can makes varies from place to place, but you still cant sell it.
THIS is the best white lightning ive ever had.....IM BLIND!!!
by Mr. Snowy December 19, 2006
Jizzing in your pants.

Being fast in the sac.
5:31 -Sex starts

5:32 - Sex Ends

Girl:wow. white lightning again...
Guy: sorry...
by theunkillableboner August 29, 2010

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