Got some girls being butt-hurt? Got some white teenaged males with nothing to do?
Introducing white knighting! A perfectly respectable act of suddenly becoming chivalric and nice by the mere presence of e-boob.
GIRL: Guys, look. Look at me! Tits!
GUY: Dude, you're a guy. GTFO.
GUYS: BRO, WTF, GET OFF OF HER, SHE'S BEAUTIFUL. Hey princess, don't worry. It's always like that here.
GUY: Dude... white knights up in here.

Search for 'ITT: Post a picture of yourself!'

Enjoy the cable-free soap opera.
by nightingalefrodo May 19, 2011
A sexual encounter where multiple guys ejaculate on another man's penis which he then uses as a lubricant to preform anal sex with the other males.
"Garrison, last night Jesse was the White Knight!"
by Logangsta March 04, 2012
an alcholic beverage consisting of jack daniels whiskey, and a favorite mexican beverage called "horchata", which is made of sweetened rice water and cinnamon. While at a birthday party for a friend, another friend and i were having trouble finding mixers for our jack daniels whiskey. we then came across the horchata and combined the two. henceforth it shall be known as thee "WHITE KNIGHT".

by Gaby N. and Adan R.
a white knight is a beverage with "jack daniels whiskey" and horchata
by guy & gabster October 11, 2010
A White Knight is someone who goes on to the website Urban Dictionary and creates a definition under the name of their more than likely obese girlfriend. Type in almost any girl's name into the search bar and you will pull up one of these definitions.

Typically they will state what "a cool person they are", "how smart they are", "how cute they are", or other various statements about a girl no one but said White Knight gives a fuck about.

The only reason such definitions are even made are so they can show their girlfriend (obese) at how creative and cute they think they are being despite the fact 1000s of other dick bags have done the same thing already.

These definitions are quite annoying especially if you have the Urban Dictionary app for your Droid and constantly get them as a random definition.
Examples of douche bags being White Knights:

1. Kelly

The smartest person ever, someone with a great personality, has golden locks of hair.

2. Susan

The face of a tranny, hands of a man, junk in the trunk.
by Ronny Cordova June 30, 2010
financial savior; a person or organization that rescues a business company, especially from an undesirable takeover
by Sara September 10, 2003
A White, southern gangsta, wannabe; a "Whigger". Compare "Black Knight."
Man, look at those private school White Knights in the throwback jerseys! Lifestyles of the White and Knighty!
by WhiteKnightNC March 23, 2009
1. An insecure dumbass male who thinks he can get something out of saving someone in distress.

2. An OG member of the kkk who fucks up blacks
Example (Definition 1):

Guy: Oh shit there's a girl getting trolled, *goes to save her*
Trollers: Faggot white knight.

Example (Definition 2):

KKK Member: *dangling fried chicken as bait* Here nigga nigga here nigga nigga.
by LolMeowMeowMeowKuutra November 08, 2015

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