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Got some girls being butt-hurt? Got some white teenaged males with nothing to do?
Introducing white knighting! A perfectly respectable act of suddenly becoming chivalric and nice by the mere presence of e-boob.
GIRL: Guys, look. Look at me! Tits!
GUY: Dude, you're a guy. GTFO.
GUYS: BRO, WTF, GET OFF OF HER, SHE'S BEAUTIFUL. Hey princess, don't worry. It's always like that here.
GUY: Dude... white knights up in here.

Search Bungie.net for 'ITT: Post a picture of yourself!'

Enjoy the cable-free soap opera.
by nightingalefrodo May 19, 2011
288 131
A guy that sells out his own male gender to earn some extra " brownie " points with the ladies

Or a guy that will pretty much do everything a girl tells them..
Jack: " Hey hey what the fuck man, I'm the victim here, Sally pushed me!

Bouncer Mcgregory: Thats not what I heard, Sally said you were bothering her, I'm kicking your punk ass out the club

Jack: WAIT! Are you even gonna hear me out?! Fuck I'm not going anywhere without my lawyer!

Bouncer Mcgregory: No whatever Sally says counts, we need the hot girls here to attract more male customers. ( yes I did see Sally push you and spill her drink on your shirt, but I'm have to kick you out because I want to get into her panties tonight, sorry Jack your a good man, but its everyman for himself.. )

Mary: Ian was such a creep today, he shook my hand the wrong way

Bob: Woah, yea he is such a creep, that guy is some big ass loser. Your right. ( hoping to earn some points to get with Mary )

Bob: ( muahahaha, I'm such a white knight in shining armor! I am so bedding Mary )
by Emperor of West September 04, 2012
35 11
1) A man who stands up for a womens right to be an absolute equal, but then steps up like a white knight to rescue her any time that equality becomes a burden.

2) A man who Promotes gender equality but practices special privilege for women.
When a woman believes she can do absolutely everything a man can do and better, but when she is asked to list something heavy as her everyday chore the white knight will come to defend her when she protests.
by DigitalAcolyte February 25, 2014
19 2
A person (usually a male) who sees the typical maiden in distress, and believes that he can help her. A male version of the "mother figure" that some girls become.

White knight term can also be applied to a person participating in online forum who is not tasked with moderating it, but engages in the activity nonetheless - so-called backseat modding. The underlying causes for the behaviour are the same - person is anthropomorphising the forum and sees it as a "maiden in distress" and charges to the rescue.
"Why is he going out with her? She's broken, and a little crazy."

"The fool's just being a White Knight."
by ahawtf June 28, 2012
15 13
The name given to those who throw up or "whitey" after a single marijuana joint.
"Did you here Paddy pulled a whitey after one joint last night?"
"Yeh, he can't bun. He's a White Knight"
by Bunzilla January 15, 2013
2 21
A white knight is a guy that defends and protects girls for no reason.

Unlike regular knights who's acts are steeped in desire, a white knight truly desires nothing more than her well being, and would rather be somebody who really loves them and really cares for them, to harrowing inconvenience, in loss and to be that real, existing inside another heart in a way that can never end pathetically, generically and foolishly.
I white knight for girls. That's what I do.
by robotlegcommando November 03, 2011
35 59
A sexual encounter where multiple guys ejaculate on another man's penis which he then uses as a lubricant to preform anal sex with the other males.
"Garrison, last night Jesse was the White Knight!"
by Logangsta March 04, 2012
3 29
A term used by retards on internet forums to describe somebody who gives a compliment to a female user. Said retards typically make huge leaps of assumption and often think of the person posting the compliment is a white male, lonely, and under the guise that posting compliments anonymously on the internet will somehow make the girl love them or have sex with them out of gratitude.
A) "Hey, you look really pretty."
B) "I fucking hate white knights like you. These girls aren't going to have sex with you. Try leaving your basement once in a while, creep."
A) "I'm a female, and all I did was say she looks pretty. What's your problem?"
B) "Urrr... HURR DURR Sorry I thought you was a guy and it's not okay for guys to give compliments derpderpderp."
by Furbag June 23, 2012
34 67