worn by slutty girls to attract black men. black men see a chick in white jeans as a bulls eye.
the girl in the white jeans is trolling for some black dick
by pornname June 12, 2011
Top Definition
An article of clothing that will increase your girls bootylicousness exponentially.
Clarence: Damn, Ugly Betty lookn good t'night!

Antonio: Yep, dem white jeans took her from about a 3 to a 9!
by jrm912 June 14, 2012
a terrible idea, always. even if you listen to dubstep. limited to house painters and those recently out of the closet. unless you are famous or gay their should be no excuse. they get dirty real fast. in a local questionnaire, they were voted in majority, gross.
Hey, did you see that kehd in the white jeans?
yeah, he was terrible.
by barbieplasticleg April 06, 2010
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