your memories of your first time having sex.
"and im holding on to your secrets in white houses"
-vanessa carlton, white houses
by nlnesb November 01, 2008
Top Definition
Where the President of the United States resides
President Bush
by SHAQ September 22, 2003
The president of the United States of America's home. At 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, it's the most publicized private home in America.

Just like grandma's place, except stuff like world trade negotiations, army orders and whether or not we can use nuclear weapons is decided.
Bush's crib, the White House, is huge!
by Mirabelle_QT January 14, 2006
An establishment where people frequently deal and/or use cocaine. This description in no way signifies the exterior color of the building. Additionally, a "white house" does not have to be a house.
I'll meet you down at the white house so we can get fucked up!!
by R. Ross May 03, 2008
A mansion in Washington, DC where Bush prostitutes himself to all his corporate and religious supporters on a regular basis.
by jesster79 January 23, 2005
A commonly used surname, given to those most likely to be extreme masturbators that will turn their homes into sperm stained homes, bringing the phrase, 'Whitehouse'.
That lad is a definite Whitehouse
by FreakyLikeMeMadcon December 06, 2010
White House, thats just what it is.. it's not blue house, yellow house, dog house, brick house, it's the freaking white house.

Mostly old, or middle aged dickheads reside there.
My god, I just pissed on the white house.. what am I to do!?
by Appkey November 28, 2006
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