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White people have the lowest tolerance for alcohol among all major racial groups, and girls have a lower tolerance for alcohol than boys. If a white girl and a black guy both drink half a beer for their first taste of alcohol, the white girl will seem/be significantly "more" drunk. Basically, being White Girl Wasted is when you get really drunk not having a lot of alcohol.
Hannah: Holy shit, how many shots did Rose have? She's passed out!

Katelynne: Like 2, I think.

Hannah: Oh, so she's white girl wasted. She'll be okay.
by insertwhitegirlnamehere March 23, 2014
Getting incredibly drunk off a very small amount of alcohol.

Not exclusive to any race or gender. Simply an expression, similar to Ghetto Booty in this regard. ie: Don't have to be "ghetto" to have the booty.
Five open beers; Six drunk chicks...

...White Girl Wasted.
by The Ghost of Johnnie Cochran July 24, 2012
the kind of drunk where you blackout and you make white girl esque decisions as in wake up in a stranger's bed or lose your car or destroy things and your friends have no idea what happened because they couldn't keep up with you.
We are going to get white girl wasted tonight!
by tipton91 February 12, 2011
To be high from ingesting a lot of cocaine. White girl = cocaine. Wasted = fucked up. Many people incorrectly use the term "white girl wasted" to refer to partying heavily with marijuana and/or alcohol, thinking that their inebriated state is comparable to the inebriated state of a high school white girl discovering Parrot Bay for the first time. The use of "white boy wasted" is the correct slang for this meaning, as the term "white boy" holds with it no connotations of cocaine.
"Yo man is your dude comin thru with that soft?"

"Chea! Soon as he rolls up we gettin white girl wasted!"
by KingVic420 June 17, 2012
Lifestyle Flashy phrase meaning to get very drunk and make dumb decisions. Most commonly applied to guys, in ironic fashion.
Yo, does Brian have a lampshade on his head? He is white girl wasted.
by H24E April 05, 2011