When a man gives a woman a facial in the winter time, or in a cold weather situation.
Greg gave Mary a White Christmas last night. However, it wasn't the White Christmas she'd hoped for!
by Tex-Mex Shawn C. December 04, 2010
When you do coke on Christmas day, especially in non-snowy parts of the country.
Last Christmas I asked my friend: "What's going on tonight?"

He replied: "It's gonna be a White Christmas."

by Bay Area Player January 20, 2007
It's another name for a wet dream.
Last night I had a white christmas in your bed.
by Lub27 February 11, 2007
When you toilet paper someone's house on Christmas, they get a White Christmas.
I'm gonna give you a White Christmas... baby
by Sterlhasasmallhead December 17, 2004
Being as white as christmas relating to the song

Im dreaming of a white Christmas
-dam that boi who does he think he is? rockin that tee nd rag.. wtf.. he as white as christmas
by whawha January 19, 2005
Serving up an ice cream cone, with delicious sperm topping.
All Jane ever wanted was a "white christmas" with Joe.
by Mr Winkie July 15, 2006
When two people are having sex in the snow and the male ejaculates on the woman's face, shoves her face into the snow until the semen freezes, and then grates it off with a cheese grater.
Hey man, I see that Jackie's face is still recovering from that white christmas I gave her three weeks ago!
by Sam January 19, 2005

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