When you have a wet dream on christmas eve and wake up on christmas day to a "white" christmas
Cody-dude merry Christmas!

Jared- Its not very merry, I had a white Christmas if you know what I mean.

Cody-...me too
by wizkidd October 30, 2011
Getting sex for a Christmas present, be it early, or right on time. White referring to the skeet that is present, and Christmas referring to the act being an early present, or right on time.
Ninja: I just had sex, it was white.... Christmas is good.

-Zcarfanatic: Well MERRY christmas to you ...only problem now is you already got your present and its not even christmas.

-00camaroSS: wrong. thats the gift that keeps on giving.

-Zcarfanatic: your right...man I have been asking my girlfriend the wrong things all along my birthday,christmas, and valentines day should be simple for her now.
Just lay back and relax and let me enjoy my gift.

-Ninja: And so you see.... everyone CAN have a white Christmas, just have to ask the right question and give the right gift.
by handon December 24, 2009
This is when one has a Christmas party, and one snorts alot of cocaine, along with one's friends (and family). Usually as much cocaine for you to consider yourself lucky to be alive and functioning a week after.
Male1: Dude, that Christmas party was off the hook!
Male2: What happened?
Male1: It was a white christmas, you know....
by ihavaPhDinwhoring July 13, 2009
A sexual act of which you have sex with a partner, cum on your partners face in the shape of a beard like Santa Clause, slap him/her in the face on each side to give them "rosy cheeks" and yell "Ho! Ho! Ho!"
I fucked this bitch in the ass last night pulled out and gave her a White Christmas, that's the last present she wants from me.
by B-Rad6977 December 10, 2011
When a man ejaculates into his partners nose and has them sneeze it back out at them.
Lolzords, you have white speckles all over your jumper.
Did you have a white christmas?
Dirty git.
by David Wilkins January 02, 2008
When you jizz on your partners face, while wearing a Santa hat.
Man, I totally gave my woman a White Christmas last night.
by FunkyMaster December 24, 2008
Having a large number of oxy contin or percocets to enjoy for yourself or with other people. Preferably a high dosage as well
O man my dealer came through, where having a white christmas tonight
by streetthug23 December 09, 2008

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