When a girl stays over and doesnt give you any pussy, you wait until she falls asleep...... then you ejaculate on her face. Then she wakes up to WHITE CHRISTMAS
She stayed over last night and wouldnt even give me a blow job, so I gave her a WHITE CHRISTMAS
by Big J & Da'Tasha September 11, 2009
When a male ejaculates in the air above his partners' head, allowing gravity to let the sperm fall on the head, lashes and shoulders of his partner like fresh snow.
I hate it when my boyfriend gives me a White Christmas 'cause it always gets in my eye!
by anon.y.mous June 02, 2006
When its actually snowing on Christmas morning.
Now thats a WHITE Christmas.N/A
by N/A January 02, 2004
....something that never happens in Mexico.
My friend Pedro smiled with glee, after he experienced his first White Christmas this year while visiting Uncle Enrique in Canada.
by classyguy273 December 30, 2010
Partaking in the illegal use of narcotics which come in powder form and have a white color, usually cocaine or m-kat. When this act is performed on Christmas day then a white Christmas has been achieved
Last night was crazy we are having a white Christmas
by donuk December 22, 2013
On Christmas day, before the receiver wakes up, you jerk off until you are about to cum. Right before you cum you wake the person up by smacking them in the face with a mistletoe, and start singing, ''White Christmas'' as you cum on their face.
By the time I was done giving her a steamy "White Christmas,'' I was singing to her "And may all your Christmases be white.''
by ThatGuyThisGuy December 25, 2012
A sexual act of which you have sex with a partner, cum on your partners face in the shape of a beard like Santa Clause, slap him/her in the face on each side to give them "rosy cheeks" and yell "Ho! Ho! Ho!"
I fucked this bitch in the ass last night pulled out and gave her a White Christmas, that's the last present she wants from me.
by B-Rad6977 December 10, 2011

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