This is the proper way to refer to the place where all your tiny square shaped burgers are made. Those in the St. Louis area (but also some parts of Detroit) refer to the beloved fast food chain with a plural ending (even though the company name is singular). Thoughts are that the term originated in areas like North County where the restuarants are so prevalent that you can say I'm going to 'White Castles' and literally mean multiple stores because there are ones on every corner. Some refute the plural endings, but those belly bomber lovers out there know the truth.
I'm finna drive till I find a White Castles and get two double cheese and a coke and orange mix.
by Carmelized Onions July 05, 2011
A restaurant full of little mini burgers.
Burger Shack Employee - Just thinking about those tender little White Castle burgers, with those little itty bitty grilled onions that just explode in your mouth like flavor crystals every time you bite into one... just makes me wanna burn this motherfucker down. Come on Pookie lets burn this MOTHERFUCKER DOWN!!
by metallkidd93 January 15, 2008
When you have sex with a girl while upside down, and then while she is upside down, performs fellatio on a second male. it's like a castle.
You: "Did you hear about the threesome I did a few days ago?"

Friend: "Oh, the one where you did a white castle with your roommate and his girlfriend?"

You: "Yeah, it was fucking nuts."
by Ninja6781 July 25, 2010
When you build a sand castle on some girl's tits and then, when finished building, proceed to Tittyfuck her, covering the castle in your cum. Thus, a white castle.
Guy #1: I went to the beach with my girlfriend last night.

Guy #2: Really? What'd you two do?

Guy #1: I gave her a fucking White Castle that's what we did!

Guy #2: Oh shit! That is aaaaawwwwwwwweeeeesssssoooommmmeeeeee!
by DarknessOni69 January 27, 2009
This is the action of where a nerd,plays with multiple nerds down in his mothers basement with a dungeons and dragons board. When one nerd gets the "black dragon" card,they then have a massive ejaculation spraying everynerd at the table,thus getting the poster in the back of them of a castle,thus called,white castles
"holy shit dude thats the 6th time,im only a level 4 dungeon mage"
"awww not a white castle
by Galen (hi brian) December 20, 2007
a construction site outhouse, also a burger joint, pretty much the same thing depending on who you ask
Scott went to white castle, then he HAD to go to the white castle
by Ddoug November 26, 2006
a fast food place that is almost impossible to find, there is about one white castle per state, and finding said white castle is quite an adventure. when you finnally do find it, you will be really pissed at yourself for searching so long for shitty burgers that require the consumption of about 400 to fill yourself up.
white castle is a rare, hard to find, shitty place.
by online handle August 28, 2006
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