adj - stemming from the culture of the dominant class of North America
Obama wouldn't be president if he didn't know how to talk white.
by bqm June 02, 2009
loose leaf paper. also computer paper
shit boy, that teach is always on my ass about not having dat white. Pass some over here before i bust a clip in yo ass after skool.
by getajob5389 January 06, 2009
Unlike what blacks say, whites are very tough. They can kill a Special Forces operative, black gangstas, and someone with their bare hands, sledgehammer, and chainsaw
Delta Force nigger: Surrender you fuckin' skinhead whites
Skinhead: Fuck you nigga (punches Delta Force to death)
An Abrams tank comes, and that skinhead destroy it with the chainsaw and the Abrams is destroyed
by Jenkemsmoke July 30, 2010
Someone pink, that refers themselves as "White". People that usually claim US to be their land. Immigrants that ignore the fact that they are immigrants.
They majority of rapist are pink .. I mean white.
by Typicalwhiteguy May 25, 2012
The most ridiculous role played by Ben of the main characters in Dodgeball.
There's no resisting white goodman when he puts on his shiny shoes.
by rodney peete August 31, 2005
A word if uttered in Britain could probably get you arrested as its racist ....apparently
Bloke# Omg look how white....
50# Come on sonny your comming down the station with me
Bloke# eh why?
50# Racial hatred
by Master Patrick Claire Thompson August 05, 2006
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