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action for doing cocaine.
they were doin whites at my crib.
by leonelo August 19, 2006
white shoes
OH damn! you just stepped on my whites!
by aphonicdisarray October 27, 2008
1.Short for china white.
2.Slang term for heroin in its powder form.
"I slang that white all nite."
by MakneJrekNU February 23, 2005
Adjective. It describes a person as being kind and considerate.
That's mighty white of you!

by pamschel May 13, 2006
Vodka, or any clear alcoholic beverage.
Ay mayne, what you want to drink tonight? I got some white or Bud Light?
by mixededone February 05, 2010
Someone pink, that refers themselves as "White". People that usually claim US to be their land. Immigrants that ignore the fact that they are immigrants.
They majority of rapist are pink .. I mean white.
by Typicalwhiteguy May 25, 2012
adj - stemming from the culture of the dominant class of North America
Obama wouldn't be president if he didn't know how to talk white.
by bqm June 02, 2009