A derrogatory term to refer to the lessers. Considered an insult by many ethnicities while being recognized for their stupidity and ignorance.
Guy 1)- Guys come play some chess with me.
Guy2)-God dude, your so white.
by finnmaguin April 28, 2016
Females with extreme levels of annoying, quirky, and attention-desiring behavior. Generally, people who are considered white are not actually caucasian. They can be recognized by mood swings, high starbucks consumption, and very low ass ratings.

These people generally have names such as Lyndsey, Katy, and Michelle.
"Dude that girl Michelle is so white,"

"Yeah, her ass is like a 3 out of 10 too."
by VaginaBob June 17, 2014
1.Short for china white.
2.Slang term for heroin in its powder form.
"I slang that white all nite."
by MakneJrekNU February 23, 2005
Vodka, or any clear alcoholic beverage.
Ay mayne, what you want to drink tonight? I got some white or Bud Light?
by mixededone February 05, 2010
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