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In the wings system, these wings are awarded for having sex with a virgin.
"Have you got your white wings?"
"Of course!"
by denzille May 18, 2005
White Wing (huit wing) NOUN. Wealthy caucasian conservative males who oppose all laws that would decrease their power.
It was revealed today that in 1925, Senator Strom Thurmond fathered an illegitimate daughter with a 15-year-old black housemaid. He kept the truth quiet for over 60 years as a strident supporter of segregation and opponent of civil rights laws. This kind of secret is a common occurrence in the Deep South, where the roots of the White Wing run deep.
by Maxhole June 24, 2009
A warrior of learning, dedicated to knowledge and true mastery of any given subject matter. Sometimes overzealous and dogmatic in seeking to make others learn.
My teacher is a whitewing, he gave me 30 pages of homework to make me learn >_<
by Incarnation October 05, 2010
a peterpan like creature;everlasting obsession over j pop diva, Ayu
Anal Hole
by Geji Mayu February 08, 2004
when a girl has has cum shot in every place of her body
I finally got my white wings last night!!
by krispuff November 17, 2010
an act in which once the male ejaculates into the introitus of the vagina is subsequently followed by cunnilingus.
Nima promptly ejaculated into his lover's vagina and followed by eating her vagina, rightfully earning his "white wings"
by brandon@uci May 18, 2003
The act of going down on a woman with a yeast infection. The wings system was supposedly started by the wings badges/patches worn by Hells Angels indicating the various sex acts they have performed. Also see red wings, brown wings, or black wings.
"I earned my white wings from that hag in the bar last night"

"Some of the other white wings definitions on U.D. are incorrect"
by XXVI February 26, 2008
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