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T-shirt worn to signify the center of the hustle or the hustle-ees.
Man-"Where can I get that stuff?"
Man-"Go on down to the stoe to them dudes outside wearin the White T, dont act a fool."
by realismplz June 26, 2011
an other word for white t-shirt
you lookin dummy in that white t.
by Gayonne October 16, 2005
when a guy cant find a chick and he goes out with random chicks to have sex
A white ts guy
by Spencer ezralow October 23, 2008
a shirt worn when ready to fight rival gang members
i put on a white t and whup the crip's ass
by Cameron November 19, 2003
A lower class, uneducated, poor white person-White Trash
It is a noun and an adjective. When someone does something characteristic of a white trash person, you can say. That is so White-T. As a noun, You are totally White T.
by boombala September 10, 2006