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A female with a white mother and a hispanic father, females of this mix are gorgeous, different, sexy and unlike any other you will ever meet. She is usually a bronze color in the summer, olive colored, light eyes and dark hair or light curly hair, and has an average first name but a spicy latin last name :) A girl you should settle down with

Many celebrities are of this descent:
Cameron Diaz, Selena Gomez, Jessica Alba,Christina Aguilera Alessandra Ambrosio (model)
Josh: There's this girl I been tryin to talk to, you know her? Her name is Katie Aquino? I think shes in your chemistry class?

Carlos: The sexy one with the green eyes n has tht long curly hair n is like tan?

Josh: Yea ! Shes a white mami, I'm goin to wife her
by Sillywillydorkface November 21, 2011
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