when you are having sex doggy style with a girl with long hair and you cum in her hair and fluff it all around so it gets all poofy like a lion's mane
I gave Fatty such a bad white lion the other day she had to shave her hair.

"Dude why is that girl's hair so fucked up?"
"She got a white lion"

last night I went to give my girlfriend a white lion but i missed and got it in her ear
by DBG1 April 13, 2009
Top Definition
A sweet Metal band from the 80's and early 90's.
"Wait, wait! I never had a chance to love you. Now I only wanna say I love you one more time..."

White Lion rules!
by TZR November 13, 2005
a freakin awesome hair metal band! their classic lineup featured: vocals- Mike Tramp, guitar- the god known as Vito Bratta, bass- James LoMenzo, drums- Greg D'Angelo.

very underrated and obscure in todays modern world. people generally know them (if they know them at all) for When the Children Cry- which i think is kind of a lame song but it has a nice solo.

now Wait is the real deal!! the solo is almost entirely taping- and tapping melodically not just "hey look at me im tapping im the best guitarist in the world but in reality im just a tool!" no!! check out a youtube video of the solo!
goddam Vito Bratta is an insane fucking guitarist he's right up there with EVH and Yngwie Malmsteen!!

best songs by White Lion: Wait, Little Fighter, Tell Me, Radar Love, Lonely Nights, Hungry
by shadesgordon February 02, 2011
cocaine, and also possibly a good name for a brand of cocaine, should it become legal.
White Lion ™ brand blow is the most effective! Contains less than 10% glass. Use as directed.
by dimplodocus July 05, 2007
A white Rastaman.
A white Rastafarian.
White Rastafarian's are often called White Lions.
by DuBsTeP420 January 18, 2011
lame ass twat with big attitude problem
he's a whitelion !
by Torito July 26, 2003
A elderly male with a Tacticul Opticus disorder. White hair can indicate the signs on being a White Lion. (Comes in a set complete with a champagne glass). Available only in Luna, Finland.
Your average dude that plays TO.
by Torito July 24, 2003
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