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When the stoplight is RED but there are no cars coming from any direction-- this is referred to as a WHITE light because you are clear to go
I went right through that White Light when I saw it was safe to go.
by KD- yerp November 15, 2009
light that is as white as sunshine
I couldn’t make it out in that white light.
by learner_me1 February 15, 2013
A game played by the stuntees and actors from the battle scenes of Lord of the Rings.

It's what you see when you "clasp the face of the person opposite you, say something sweet and enduring, and then you smash your head against theirs." It's spontaneous violent love, really.

-Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood
"It was like white light! White light! And now everytime I see him, I see the white light."
by Legolass November 09, 2004