If a brown looking hispanic has a white last name or a white looking person a hispanic last name they become a "white hispanic". This makes it easier to compartmentalize a stereotype.
George Zimmerman has a white father and a hispanic mother therefore he is a "White Hispanic". Even though he looks more hispanic his last name is white and it becomes more polarizing to play up his whiteness.

George Zimmerman kills Trayvon Martin. - "That honky George Zimmerman killed Trayvon for wearing a hoody."
by NoNameNoSlogan March 28, 2012
Top Definition
A Mexican-American who looks more european than mestizo.

It can also be applied to an individual who is mixed between white and mexican.
His last name is hernandez, but his complexion is more european. He's got to be one of those white hispanics.
by Gilvert January 02, 2016
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