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A Caucasian male that belives he's living in the fifties. Plays sports averagely, gets decent girls, gets decent marks, likes classic rock music, Christian, is mildly proud to be Caucasian, but not racist, as it takes too much energy and is morally wrong. Is usualy found today in small suburbs or small Canadian towns. Can usualy be found beating up emo fags, laughing at super nerds, staring at chicks they can't get, because they're not of African decent, being slightly suspicious of homosexuals, playing sports, or ripping on white guys who think they're rappers/black.
Guy 1: "Yo,dowg! Wazzup, bitches?!"
"White Guy, of the Normal Variety.": "Good Lord! You ,sir, can't rap. You call us racist, while you're the one trying to act like an African American, giving them ,and us ,a bad name."
(turning to other guys)
Guy 2: "Come on, guys. Let's leave this loser alone and play football!"
by The Man's Buddy. April 13, 2010
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