A small, usually flat, droopy thing located on the back side of a white woman. It is almost always saggy, and can sometimes resemble the shape of a triangle. Almost always unappealing, these white women try to make up for this shortcoming by paying much attention to their hair. Unfortunately some guys fall into this trap, but they usually are black, have a small penis, or a combination of both.
Tyrone: "yo bruh, why you always datin a sista or a mami?"

Me: "Listen, just because I'm white doesn't mean I cant enjoy a REAL woman?"

Tyrone: "Yo that's foul black, u know ma bitch be white"

Me: "Yeah about that, I though you black boys love you some nice booty"

Tyrone: "We do... but dem white gurlz have nice flat hair"

Me: "Ummmm... yea..... enjoy that.....White Girl Butt"
by Somedude1001 August 15, 2010
Top Definition
The butt of a white girl. It is usually somewhat smaller than other girls butts and a little flat, but very nice in its own respect. Recently, white girl butt has grown in size and popularity.
(Looking at white girl bending over) Dammmmmm, so thats that white girl butt everyone's been talking about these days.
by BL Jonas December 02, 2008
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