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What a White woman experiences after having sexual intercourse with men of other racial groups (black, asian, latino).

Because a white man's penis is too soft and useless without viagra and penis pump, a white woman will usually seek out non-white men for her sexual needs.
White woman: I need sex now!
White man: Just a sec honey *looks for penis pump and viagra pills*
White woman: Hurry up! I'm so wet its dripping down my thighs!
White man: just a moment hun!
-30 min later-
White man: ok it's up!

White woman: I'm going out, going to get some White Delight from the Asian studs at the gym.
#white pleasure #white women #sex #love #white
when a sexually oppressed white girl from have sex with too many squishy soft white penises has sex with a man from latin african or asian descent and experiences an actual orgasm.
after having sex with only soft squishy pillow white penises for so long she finally had an orgasm when fucking the big black dick and the hard asian dick and spicy latino dick she had major white delight
#white #delight #asian #black #soft
by trebully November 12, 2009
One of the top up and coming fighters from the Utah MMA scene, Receiving the nick name for his ultra white skin and delightful personality.
Did you watch the fights last night? White Delight knocked his guy out in the first 30 seconds!
#white delite #delightful #caucasian #fighter #best
by ckl April 03, 2013
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