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Used by anti-bush fanatics to describe George W. Bush's middle name. See Whistle ass
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Of course, if it really is most important to tell the truth about the president, it might be necessary add the following: "P.S. Bush is still a whistleass."
by Greg M Clarke October 13, 2005
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A pompous, hypocritical liar. A derogatory name implying than an individual's words are nothing but intestinal gas. Related to the phrase, "....talking out of (one's)ass"
"Oh Bush, he's such a whistle ass." Sally Baron
by steve nordlander October 07, 2003
34 7
Name coined by Mrs. Sally Baron to describe President George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States
"Oh Bush, he's such a whistle ass." Sally Baron
by Steve Johns September 02, 2003
22 9
you are a traitor
by anonymous October 02, 2003
9 10
Feed the girl lots of beans. When you're doing her from behind shove a recorder, clarinet or whistle up her ass, causing her to fart and making the item whistle
"I gave Christina a whistle ass last night and it was so loud that her uncle woke up and joined in"
by AY December 27, 2004
7 23