It's a super old term that means vagina.
I miss your whispering eye!
Your whispering eye is so nice.
by Paul Shouse November 27, 2008
Vagina. As coined in the movie "Role Models".
Tell her you can't wait to see her and her whispering eye.
by MilkChan816 November 09, 2008
phrase used in reference to one's vagina/vajayjay/pleasure hole/etc.
"please insert your large shaft into my whispering eye"
by Eye Loverson November 09, 2008
A Vagina
Tell Her You Want to See Her Whispering Eye. . .
by B_EMFINGER November 09, 2008
"I want to see your whispering eye."
by c jizs November 08, 2008
whispering eye means vagina based on the comedy Role Models in which this word is mentioned and later defined as VAGINA.
A: "I must say. You have a nice whispering eye."

B: "Why Thank You! You have a nice set of cock and balls yourself."
by Just Random Guy November 08, 2008
Vagina; term found in the movie "Role Models"
can i see your whispering eye?
by tsaiduk November 08, 2008

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