whispering eye: vagina, pussy, the female organ that the male penis enters. (heard the term from the movie "Role Models")
oh man she had a smooth "whispering eye"

tell her you miss her "whispering eye"
by Danny the Donkey November 12, 2008
a vagina
tell your wife you love her "whispering eye"
by prestonr09 November 12, 2008
Another term for vagina. (Used in "Role Models" as a medieval term for vagina)
"I would like to see your whispering eye"
"You've got something in your eye"
by nd316 November 11, 2008
Slang for vagina, this is the mysterious and mystical organ located between the legs of a woman.
:Good morrow, Merlin. Have ye seen any good whispering eye lately?

:Yo dawg I fucked her so hard in her whispering eye, if y'know what I'm sayin'.
by PixelNinja November 10, 2008
The vagina of a human female.
Augie: Tell her you miss her whispering eye.
Danny: I miss your whispering eye.
by I Luv Whispering Eye November 10, 2008
a vagina, a pussy, the female reproductive organ
I dont know about you, but I love when a girl shaves her whispering eye.
by bitchwatchme November 10, 2008
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