a vagina

Said in the movie "Role Models" by Augie Farks (Christopher Mintz-Plasse). This word was used as a "poetic" reference to a vagina when Augie is helping Danny Donahue try to win his girlfriend back. Augie is an avid fan of fantasy/medieval Live Action Interactive Role-playing Explorers (LAIRE) and this is where he picked up the phrase "whispering eye." This word is just made up for the movie.
Augie: "Tell her you miss her whispering eye!"
by DanielleisFUNNY November 24, 2008
A term used in the movie Role Models. Meaningvagina.
Dr. Cox pounds more whispering eye then a porn star.
by kalebric November 23, 2008
Slang for vagina. AKA Whisper eye
Did you see that girl's Whispering Eye?
by thewholeworld22 November 16, 2008
a womans vagina
possibly; a nonexistent vagina on a man
danny: i miss you so much.and your whispering eye
augie laughing: HAHA YOU SAID VAGINAAA
by donttrustme November 16, 2008
A women's vagina.
Dialog from the movie Role Models:

Danny: I'd love to see you. (Talking to ex-girlfriend)
Augie: *Whispers a suggestion* And your whispering eye.
Danny: And your whispering eye.
*Closes phone*
Danny: Whispering eye?
Augie: It means vagina.
by Christina and Sophearith November 14, 2008
An old term for Vagina.
Can I see you whispering eye!

DUDE! her whipering eye was loose!
by Adrianatron November 12, 2008
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