a vagina.
malachi, artice, is a whispering eye
by johnny bouyt 2343 November 09, 2008
A term used in the movie Role Models. Meaningvagina.
Dr. Cox pounds more whispering eye then a porn star.
by kalebric November 23, 2008
A woman's vagina.
I am so horny, I miss you and your whispering eye.
by LumDolfan November 17, 2008
Slang for vagina. AKA Whisper eye
Did you see that girl's Whispering Eye?
by thewholeworld22 November 16, 2008
a womans vagina
possibly; a nonexistent vagina on a man
danny: i miss you so much.and your whispering eye
augie laughing: HAHA YOU SAID VAGINAAA
by donttrustme November 16, 2008
A women's vagina.
Dialog from the movie Role Models:

Danny: I'd love to see you. (Talking to ex-girlfriend)
Augie: *Whispers a suggestion* And your whispering eye.
Danny: And your whispering eye.
*Closes phone*
Danny: Whispering eye?
Augie: It means vagina.
by Christina and Sophearith November 14, 2008
An old term for Vagina.
Can I see you whispering eye!

DUDE! her whipering eye was loose!
by Adrianatron November 12, 2008
whispering eye: vagina, pussy, the female organ that the male penis enters. (heard the term from the movie "Role Models")
oh man she had a smooth "whispering eye"

tell her you miss her "whispering eye"
by Danny the Donkey November 12, 2008

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